Monday, September 1, 2008

WHM meets WHD

I took a peek at WHM's blog-like thing this morning and found a bunch of weird hair pictures.

WHM spent hours curling Darci's (now WHD - Weird Haired Darci) hair, and it came out great.

WHM is not allowed to truly make her hair weird anymore since she is now a nurse-in-training person who needs to not frighten the actual patients she will be working with, so she knitted some weird hair that she can wear when the mood strikes. Really.

Mrs Notthat has very straight hair, and thus so do WHM and WHD. Mrs Notthat's sister DDDAAWWWNNNN and brother Arkansas John have extremely curly hair. Mrs used to spend a lot of time trying to make her hair curly and DDDAAWWWNNNN wanted straight hair. (Arkansas John just wanted girls - it's a guy thing.)

In any case, it's the same old story - the hair is always better on the other head. 

Darci's hair will be straight again is a day or so and WHM's knitted dreadlocks will be put in a drawer. My own hair, though, will continue to turn up MIA more and more. Maybe WHM can knit me some sort of hair thing. I'm sure I could pull off the dreadlock look.

Ya mon!

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

If you do get dreadlocks, you will have to move to Stiletto City, become a record producer and learn to go to restaurants and insist on free range carrots. No, wait, that's the pony tail. With dreadlocks, we just incarcerate you before you can cause any more trouble.

Danni said...

I have a vision of you opening a present in February and pulling out a mass of dreadlocks for you.....

I want to know what your first reaction was when you read my title "WHM strikes again" did you think I'd gone back to blue? I bet a lot of my viewers were very confused by the title.

mary ann said...

Darci looks terrific (as does the WHM) ~ I love all those curls!!!

notthatlucas said...

danni - I certainly expected something worse than knitted dreadlocks, but I was pretty sure you couldn't have gotten too weird (although yours and my definition of "too weird" might differ a bit).

Your title certainly surprised me a bit - hopefully your readers will recover.

I remember how we (OK, Mrs Notthat) used to work so hard to get your hair curly when you were that age and older. Her and Arky John were talking yesterday about how DDDAAWWNNN used to look a lot like Darci with her hair back