Friday, September 19, 2008

Ditch Day with the Grandkids

We are having 29 people over for dinner on Saturday, so I decided to take Friday off to help get things ready. Friday is also a day that Mrs Notthat watches the grandkids (actually, Darci does not show up until after preschool, but she makes up for lost time very quickly).

First thing Riley did when he got here this morning was hand me his yogurt and spoon for his second breakfast (gotta love that kid!). So I put him in his high chair with a bib and started to feed him, but he wanted to feed himself.


So I gave him a bowl and he went for it. When Mrs happened to wander into the kitchen her first word was "Oh." But it went very well - almost every bit of the yogurt went into his mouth.

Once Darci showed up she headed for the garden. She has been wanting to pick a pumpkin for a couple of weeks now, so we went and looked at them. It turns out three were ready to be picked (their stems had dried out). She was a happy girl until I voted against actually cooking one of them right that minute.

The thing was, while trying to keep the grandkids entertained and out of trouble, Mrs and I were also trying to get various long-neglected areas of the house in order. Like the lawn.

It turns out our electric lawn mower is a riding lawn mower. Both kids sat on it while I mowed the front and back yards. I went slowly and popped very few wheelies. Darci loved the prime view while I mowed down the longer patches of grass.

In any case, we managed to make significant progress on preparing the house while keeping the kids out of trouble. Saturday is going to be a long day, but it should be fun. At least once the event actually starts. Before then, there is still a long list of things that need to be done.

A really long list.

That's it - move along...


Jesse said...

And not one mention of how I spent my morning power washing everything in sight.

Mrs. Notthat said...

Awwwww and you worked so hard! He did both my car mats and his and three very dirty rugs. Not to mention the porch bench. All of the above were very dirty and needed hard scrubbing as well but he was up to the challenge, I was very impressed with his workmanship! Yea Jesse!!!!!!

DAK said...

29 people for dinner?Ohmygod,what's the holiday? Why am I here in LA with my Mom when I could be...wait...maybe WE'RE having 29 people for dinner too? Ai yai yai yai

mary ann said...

Well, now we need to see the photos of the 29 people and the food, etc. That is quite an undertaking!