Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So if the door is locked...

I had an 8:30 appointment with Dr Extract & Implant this morning. I showed up about five minutes early only to find the door locked. It is a glass door and I could see a few office workers in there moving files around, and they could see me.

I decided it must be before their opening time so I stood patiently waiting. But then other thoughts started popping into my head. 

The first was whether I was technically in the clear and could leave now, counting this as an office visit. It's not my fault he didn't get to jab my gums and click his tongue over my flossing skills.

The second was whether this was like one of those takeover robberies and I've just stumbled onto some sort of very bad thing going on and maybe I should run for my life and call 911. But the office workers didn't seem very stressed, so I (somewhat reluctantly) decided against that scenario.

As 8:30 approaches, I decided it must be past their opening time and try the door again just in case I had not tried it hard enough before. One of the office workers hears the handle rattle, looks at me for a second, and then finally realizes the door is locked.

As she lets me in she says she thought I was talking on a cell phone and that that was why I didn't come in. 

I tell her I felt honored to be the first patient of the morning and she looked at me kind of odd and said there had been several people before me. I did not get to ask how they got in, but I did start looking around for open windows or a laundry chute I could use next time.

That's it - move along...

PS: He poked my gums, clicked his tongue about my flossing skills, and told me to come back in a year. I was in the office for maybe two minutes.

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