Sunday, September 7, 2008

First days and trouble ahead

Darci's First Day at Preschool
Now that WHM is back at school, Mrs Notthat is back to watching the grandkids a couple of days a week. This included taking Darci to her first day at preschool last Wednesday. Riley's not very impressed, but Darci was so excited she managed to get her right foot on backwards. (Honestly - it's amazing how flexible kids are. That looks so painful.)

Afterwards the kids tried to cool off on the deck. It has been ridiculously hot around here lately.

The Boy Passed His Drug Test!
No, I was not particularly surprised by this, but I am impressed that he has managed to get himself hired by a real company doing a real job. He is at a national chain that specializes in oil changes. The last couple of days he has been the guy that greets the customers and drives their cars into the service bay. Well, unless the car has a manual transmission. With him working and Mrs Notthat monopolizing the Miata with her friends, it has been hard to get time for followup lessons on driving a stick. (And "thanks" guys for your support in trying to scare him off from wanting to drive the thing. You were a BIG help. Sigh...)

Mrs Notthat and Friends Enjoying the Miata
There's trouble ahead and I may have to start enforcing a curfew. Mrs has been coming up with excuses to take the car out on errands. "I'll be back by 7" becomes a phone call at 8 saying they want to stay out a bit later. (That should convince you how warm it has been here - 9 at night and she is riding around with the top down while wearing shorts.) 

She really likes driving this car. If The Boy gets comfortable with it I may never see it again.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Lots happening there! The fog is back and we are cooling down, so you will too in a day or so. I like Darci's new back-to-school look.

DAK said...

If I were you I'd start dropping hints about a big fat Harley. You might get the car back now and then.