Sunday, September 21, 2008

29=33=Much Fun

We did it. We pulled off dinner for 29 that actually turned out to be 33. I cooked many pounds of chicken, beef, and pork on the grill and others brought the side dishes, desserts, and drinks. There were no serious injuries (the worst involved a corkscrew) and lots of fun.

Racso and Inafets (who I've written about before, although as per usual, these are not their real names) are moving to New York - something to do with the heartbreak of four losing Giants seasons in a row I think - and we all wanted to get together and say "Are you gonna eat that rib?"

Racso is the one standing in the dark shirt and Inafets is sitting in the gray sweater.

I don't have any pictures of the pot luck dishes or of the eating part of the evening - I was busy cooking and, ummm, tasting - but I do have other pictures.

We set up the ping pong and pool tables on the deck, which proved to be very popular. And a bit competitive with pool cues battling ping pong paddles.

No, the party did not require a security guy; that's just Iines (who babysits IDT - Idiot Dog Teddy - when we go on our trips) hoping that wearing this shirt would allow him to cut to the front of the line. (It didn't work.)

While some played games involving balls, others played Apples to Apples.

Grandpa Eiuol and granddaughter Nylecoj are letting their dinner settle. Nylecoj managed to pound down a couple of ribs and a bottle of something suspicious before taking a nap. Grandpa Eiuol was a bit jealous.

Llib and his mother-in-law Okakihc had to be put on timeout due to their agressiveness with their weapons (disguised as walking assist devices). Seriously, if they smile at you, be sure to guard your dessert.

IDT was the massive winner in the day's events. He did something I've never seen him do before - walk away from a rib bone. I have no idea how many bones he had (we managed to save a lot more for him for later), but it must have been quite a few for him to bark "Uncle."

Here is a picture of the first batch of meat.

I had two grills set up - one for cooking on and the other for keeping the cooked meat warm. The grills shared the deck with the ping pong and pool tables, which made for some interesting interaction that more than once resulted in BBQ sauce interrupting a game.

Yarm, The Boy, and Luar all are looking greatfully at the cooking grill which is empty except for some corn. Luar is standing in front of the grill used to keep the meat warm.

Those are the styrofoam trays that all the meat came on. Mrs Notthat will sneak into Palo Alto later and recycle them.

About the corkscrew-related injury, Nahtanoj (definitely not his real name) asked for a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. I gave it to him and went back to cooking. After eveyone had left I saw the wine bottle.

As it turns out, corkscrews do not work that well on screw-top bottles. The good news is that eventually Nahtanoj was able to use the corkscrew to get wine from the bottle (it's a guy thing) and did not need as many stitches as you would think.

Way too much food was consumed and it did get a bit nippy towards the end, but it was a great evening. Today we give IDT back his yard after a night of him giving us his BBQ-induced extremely obnoxious odors.

And to Racso and Inafets - have a great time in New York. We will all miss you. Just promise you won't become Yankees fans.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Very impressive ~ all those people, food, games, etc. Good job!

DAK said...

What IS it about people moving to New York? Isn't the system supposed to dip in the other direction? Those ribs look really tasty. Who, me? Concerned about the Dod...well, that fading team?