Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Starbucks in every kitchen

Yesterday afternoon I headed to our little kitchen area/pool hall and saw these boxes stacked along the  wall. Those of you with good imaginations will be able to clearly see that they are filled with Starbucks coffee cups.

Where I work they provide free coffee and tea. The problem with the coffee is someone needs to make it, and the problem with that is that people have different opinions on what a good cup of coffee is and how much humor there is in switching the decaf and regular grinds.

Our dear friends at Starbucks (motto: "Drink Tea and the Terrorists Win") came up with a way to get their grubby fingers even deeper in our pockets solve that problem by creating a Starbucks Coffee Station, designed for business situations like ours. You set your cup on a tray, push a button for what you want (regular or decaf  or a blend of each or hot chocolate), and out comes delicious liquid that is not remotely like tea. 

These things started showing up in other buildings where I work and my guess is we will have one soon too. Coffee drinkers seem to like the things. The only complaint is that it still has a knack for spelling your name wrong on the cup (but it's fun to watch it write it!).

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

The machine spells your name? I would definitely write in Cadwaladdr or Mephistopholes and then ask for half-caf 2/9 caf 1/12 tea, hold the sugar and a side of sugar. I try hard to despise Starbucks but it is a losing proposition, because it's really nice to find one in a burg like, say, Nashville.

mary ann said...

Yes, or like, say, King City. I do want a photo of the out-of-box experience and soon, pls.