Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two quick things...

First, a massive thumbs down to the Palo Alto Police Department this morning.

I drove in today due to Caltrain issues (it being sunny and the Miata being a convertible had nothing to do with it, really) and noticed that there was a power outage in part of Palo Alto.  There were officers directing traffic at the stop light that was out at Junipero Serra and Campus Drive and all went well. I then turned onto Page Mill Road and headed up the hill towards 280. I noticed two things: traffic was really light coming down the hill from 280 (which is normally packed with commuters) and there were two motorcycle cops waiting to nab speeders taking advantage of the light traffic and light gravity when going down the hill.

At the top of the hill I could see the problem - the light at Deer Creek Rd was flashing red and had backed up traffic for miles and was even stopping traffic on 280. This light is at an intersection that rarely has any activity - almost for sure it was installed because of some rich guy needing easier access to his mansion. 

So, rather than trying to help the situation and get traffic moving, the Palo Alto Police Department instead chose to look at this as an opportunity to make some money. Disgraceful.

Second, thanks to something an alert Mrs Notthat pointed out to me this morning, we all need to take a field trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I've written before about Deep Fried Twinkies and other delights you can get to eat there, but now they have crossed over to a higher level of "oh my!"ness with chocolate covered bacon. I love the tag line in the above ad from their website: "Chocolate covered bacon - it's not just for breakfast anymore!" 

I want to know where chocolate covered bacon has ever just been for breakfast. Well, outside of Arkansas.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Ohmigod! How fast can I get to the pier? Well, not too fast if I were to drive through Palo Alto in the morning. I thought deep fried Twinkies were the ultimate in junk food, but...well, they still are. At least chocolate covered bacon has some protein in it. I wish my kids had wanted to be cardiologists.

mary ann said...

Man, double trouble here. So when do we see Boardwalk photos?