Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two quick things...

First - I have watched probably 30 to 45 minutes total of the Olympics so far, and most of that was the other night when the grandkids and their parents were over. WHM and NCN are both following the stuff and seem to be really interested. They are not what I would consider "normal" sports fans in that they don't follow football, basketball, or have much of an idea who Barry Zito is. Obviously, they are the people NBC is after, and it appears to work. This means I should stop whining.

But that's not really my point here (actually I've wandered quite a ways away from my point) - at last night's fitness class, the instructor talked about something she saw on a Olympics show. One of their in-depth pieces about local culture. This one was about acupuncture and the practice of shoving a needle in a random body part then waving a burning herb over it that smells distinctly of a Jefferson Airplane concert, if you get my drift. Her point was that that may explain the herbal smell that comes from an acupuncture clinic we walk by when breaking into an elementary school's playground (it's a longish story). The weird part was that, in my minimal partaking of Olympic entertainment, I had actually seen this segment. 

Note: I have all eight hours of the opening ceremony on TiVo in HD. I intend to scan through it at some point to catch the high points. There were high points, right?

Second - The Boy is taking an auto mechanics class at Skyline College. He comes home and starts answering our various questions (How many students in the class? What books do you need? Do they work on minivans?) when he used the word "she" while referring to his instructor. "Your auto mechanics teacher is a woman?" we both asked. "Ummmm, yeah. So?" he replied.

This is so cool - both that his instructor is a woman and that The Boy didn't see anything special about that.

He never did answer about the minivan thing though.

That's it - move along... 


DAK said...

I almost started to just about begin to practically care a tiny amount about the whole deal, until I started watching woman's gymnastics. My interest fell off the high bar and into the dumpster when the 9 year old Chinese woman who was supposed to be 16 slipped on the uneven bars, staggered and landed badly but still defeated the Canadian 10 year old who was supposed to be 22, and whose routine was flawless. This is too bizarre. What are we doing in sports, breeding babies for war? What a colossal joke.

mary ann said...

I love the woman auto mechanic instructor AND the fact that The Boy is taking this class!