Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun and Terror!

OK. This is going to be a bit long, but it will have lots of pictures.

First off, here is a warning of things to come.

Note the massive pupils. More to come next week. (No, this has nothing to do with the terror.)

Thursday evening the grandkids and WHM came over for dinner and terror.

The grandkids, who are much braver than you would think, were eager to go into the garden to pick a variety of veggies.

LOTS of cherry tomatoes were picked, although Riley had to be watched since he tended to not care so much what color they were. (Note to self - Google whether you can really fry green tomatoes.)

Darci had to be watched too, but for different reasons. You could hear her singing "One for the bowl, one for me CHOMP!" This was fine, but it soon became "One for the bowl, two for me CHOMP CHOMP!"

"Here Darci, hold this big zucchini." I say. "CHOMP!" says Darci as she takes a bite from it.

I know, she looks so innocent here.

And so does Riley.

After filling the bowl we went in and had a wonderful dinner that included a zucchini infested pasta baked dish, zucchini patties (which ended up sort of like quiche patties), and fake apple cobbler with zucchini in it.

There may be a theme here.

In any case, now for the terror part of the story.

When The Boy was little, we used to take turns cutting each other's hair. It's not as bad as it sounds - you take a pair of clippers, put a half inch guard on it, and assuming he didn't try to shove it in my eye, he couldn't really hurt anything. And it's only hair, after all.

The Boy is old now, and he and his big pupils no longer finds this amusing.

But Darci thought it sounded like grand fun. So I put on a brave face and let her go for it.

That was when she grabbed the clippers and fired them up. And I realized that she was a lot younger than The Boy when he first started doing this

And then it was time.

And it went fine. There were a few ear jabs and other uncomfortable moments, but it was worth it for how much fun she had.

I'm sure WHM probably does not need this warning, but she better keep their clippers under lock and key for a bit. Darci really seemed to enjoy doing this and who knows what brilliant ideas she might come up with in the next few days.

Oh, and sleep with one eye open.

That's it - move along...

UPDATE: WHM has a couple of videos showing the haircut thing here. I had forgotten Darci's line about "If you are good you can have a lollipop when we're done!"


Danni said...

Darci had lots of fun cutting your hair, she proudly told her daddy about it. I put up a video clip of her cutting your hair on my journal.

we had a good evening!

notthatlucas said...

Darci's daddy probably hates me about now. I added a link to the movies at the end of the post. I really was pretty brave.

DAK said...

You really are a blogger now, aren't you? Even when you know terror is upcoming, you bring your camera. I like getting Manny for nothing.

mary ann said...

Oh, what a brave grandfather. Next year I think Darci should do one half and Riley the other. The pictures are terrific!