Sunday, August 3, 2008

Presents and Pizza

A great sight upon arriving at the hospital last night was Riley wandering around untethered to that vast array of medical things that had been holding him down earlier in the day. No more glowing toes.

Within seconds of me setting the pizza boxes down he was ready for a walk. We headed down the hall, past the nurses, to the elevator area where he can look down at freedom. And hit his head on the wooden rail. Several times.

But Riley didn't care too much since he could sense that he was closer to being released. I haven't heard anything yet this morning, but assuming everything went well last night, he should be a free toddler this morning.

A box containing presents for WHM, Riley, and Darci arrived yesterday from my parents. So we brought it to the hospital - presents never fail to cheer people up, and they didn't disappoint this time either. (It also helped a lot that Klub Kaiser gave Riley his very own huge room during the stay, which meant we could spread out and not worry about bothering anyone.)

Riley loved this clever little bus puzzle thing. Turn the bus on, set it on the puzzle, and it wanders around in a comical way. Place stop signs and those plastic things in pizza boxes that look like three legged tables in the bus's way and it knocks them over. Place the bus on the floor and it takes off on a wildly unpredictable ride.

And WHM loved this very clever quilt that my mother made based on drawings and plans made by Mrs Notthat's mother many years ago.

The rest of us were content with pizza and sodas.

And chasing that dang bus everywhere.

That's it - move along...


notthatlucas said...

He's home! Last night went reasonably well so Riley is free!

A big sigh of relief.

Now I need to get ready for tonight's first football game of the year - and it features the Redskins! If I can only find my face paint...

mary ann said...

Oh, what a relief for everyone! Great gifts from the g.g.parents...