Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marine World Wildness

Last Tuesday Mrs Notthat and The Boy headed up to Marine World Africa USA with Nwad and her two girls Ylime and Aynos (not their real names, but alert readers will remember this group from our recent camping trip). Today I finally got around to looking at the pictures on the camera and found a lot of great shots.

The Boy took this picture by getting much closer to this killing machine than I would ever dare. While many people think patriotic thoughts when they see a majestic eagle, I think of the Muppet Show. And smile.

Apparently there is a butterfly habitat there that is infested with butterflies. The Boy took some great shots using the camera's macro mode.

Here the three non-adults pretend to be the three wise monkeys. They have the monkey part down pat.

They then headed to the Aggressive Bird Habitat. The Boy was licked by this bird the whole time they were in there. He said it was because he was a bit sweaty but my guess is it had something to do with what he had for lunch.

Ylime was the only real bird-bite victim, although I don't know if this was the perp.

Aynos was a LOT more uncomfortable with this bird on her head than she looks here. It's not like birds wear diapers, if you get my drift.

And finally here is Nwad, completely at ease with with a pooping machine on her head.

Note: You did not see Mrs Notthat with one of these things on her head. She is smarter than that, although it probably had more to do with not wanting to mess up her hair.

And that's about it. There were a LOT of pictures of giraffes thanks to Aynos, some swimming tigers, and some sunset pictures. But, sadly, no pictures of food.

That's it - move along...


Diane said...

It is actually now called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or something like that.

mary ann said...

Great photos and I would like to see the swimming tiger. We in SF know a thing or two about tigers!