Monday, August 18, 2008

This is just wrong

I love sports. I used to love the Olympics, but Big Network Television stole that from me about 20 years ago when they stopped covering the wide variety of events available and started covering only those events that appealed to casual sports fans and flag waving slobs who only want to see the good old USA in the winner's circle.

But that's OK. I know if I had cable I would be able to see a lot more of what's going on, so my complaining is at least partially my own fault.

But still.

When bored in the evening, I sometimes switch over to NBC to see what they are showing. It is either diving (synchronized diving? where did that come from) or beach volleyball. Or some stupid LONG piece that tries to show how wacky those Chinese are and that they will eat/wear/poke themselves with.

First let me say that all of the the athletes, no matter what the sport (and I'm including the ribbon dancing thing), are very good and all are impressive. It takes an amazing amount of hard work and dedication to get to be among the best in the world, especially in obscure sports like discus throwing or frog wrangling where you know you will never get rich from the sport.

But I am frustrated by women's beach volleyball. Not the play or athletic abilities, but those stupid bikinis. Why do they dress like that? Does it give them a competitive advantage? I doubt it otherwise we would see the men's team in speedos. Or maybe the gymnastics team in bikinis. 

There may be a good reason they dress like this, and maybe the players like it, but I doubt it. This smells like something that was done strictly to enhance male viewership. Like something NBC asked for in exchange for the massive amount of money they spent to televise (sort of) these games. 

Beach volleyball is on every night. This is probably mostly due to the US having a good chance at a medal or two. But I suspect it is also largely due to guys watching this while explaining to their wives how it is an important Olympic event so get off my back and why is my beer empty?

The women's softball team is no doubt going to get the gold medal. They have been so dominating that the sport is going to be removed from future Olympics. I would bet money that less than an inning of their games has been shown in prime time. 

I would also bet money that that would not be true if the team started wearing bikinis.

That's it - move along...


Anonymous said...

have you seen some of the girls on the women's softball team. I would not watch any more if there were in bikinis.

DAK said...

Hmmm...I was just watching women's beach volley bikiniball. The two Americans are really good -- have you ever tried that game on sand? I have -- it's amazingly hard to even move, let alone jump.

I'm still bummed about that ball girl's phony catch. Jeezo.

notthatlucas said...

So softball has been on TV?

And dak is very right - these volleyball players are fantastic athletes. Doing anything beyond laying on sand is difficult for me - these women are strong and in great shape to do what they do. But there is an aura of reality TV because of those ridiculous outfits.

mary ann said...

And I"m probably the only person in America who is getting tired of Michael Phelps. The best Olympics coverage is on The Daily Show.