Saturday, August 30, 2008

More about the midlife crisis

We picked up the car on Thursday and I drove it home that afternoon. It was very hot outside so I left the top up. After dinner and Obama's coming out party, Mrs Notthat and I let the top down, fired 'er up, turned on the headlights, and then fired 'er back down. One of the headlights was out. (And Mrs Notthat was a bit chilled, but we could have turned the heater on.)

I'm the ideal guy you want to show up to buy your car. I'll look at it, drive it a bit, and if nothing is making me suspicious (like a curious puddle growing under it) and I like the thing, I'll buy it. I do not do a 110 point inspection or demand a Carfax report or worry about small scratches or dents. I rely probably way too much on instinct and the nature of the seller's aura. (I've actually had one really bad experience buying a used car - it was my first time and it was, ironically, a small convertible that I had decided I wanted, pretty much no matter what. The crook who sold it to me saw me coming and my suspicious-radar was non-existent. Funny how experience tends to hone that thing.)

In any case, my lack of thoroughness meant I did not know the Miata had a headlight out.


Friday Mrs got the car registered and was the first of us to drive it with the top down. She liked it. A lot.

Today The Boy and I fixed the headlight and verified all the other lights worked (it had a mystery switch that turned out to be for the fog lights!). And then we headed to a large empty parking lot for him to try out using a clutch.

This car has a pretty touchy clutch, so it will take a bit for him to feel comfortable with it.

But I'm not so sure I want him to get too comfortable. I keep telling him about the horrors of starting on a hill, and could use any other horrors that you all know of.

That's it - move along... 

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DAK said...

There are no horror stories that can counteract a Miata convertible. None. Forget about it.