Thursday, August 28, 2008

Midlife Crisis! Wahoo!

Wednesday was a busy day.

The grandkids and Mrs Notthat came to my work to look at a really nifty Miata. We have been having car conflicts at home now that The Boy is back to school and (drum roll please) may start a job soon. I can come up with dozens of well thought out reasons but you are all wise and will shake your heads and mutter "midlife crisis" and wonder when the pony tail is going to show up. (Hint: my hair grows pretty slow, so it will be a few months.)

We pick up the car today - we bought it from a retiring school marm who only drove it on Sundays. Or something like that. This will be an interesting car and is a big break from my normal demands for maximum practicality. But it should be fun.

After deals were made and hands were shook we headed over to my work to wait for The Boy to meet us for lunch. His very first job interview ever was in Santa Clara. His very first drug test ever will be today.

This picture shows the grandkids chillin' on the office bean bag chairs. Once The Boy showed up we ate lunch at Wahoo's Fish Tacos - an interesting place that has pretty good food and a surfer decor that kept the grandkids entertained for about five minutes.

Afterwards we visited the wet lion thing out front.

Weirdly, the grandkids found this much more entertaining than trying to sit still in a restaurant. ("Don't they have a play area grampa?") Note that The Boy is wearing long pants. This does not happen often, but he wanted to dress to impress (a bit). Unfortunately this was also a stunningly hot day (notice that you can actually see Mrs Notthat's arms!) and he was itching to get home and into some shorts.

A midlife crisis averted, a drug test scheduled, some fish tacos eaten, and some beanbag chairs that will never be the same - a productive day.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Oooooh, beautiful car ~ congrats! Is that a mermaid tail on that lion? And yes, all work places need a play area, on the other hand...

DAK said...

Midlife crisis, piffle! It's a car, that's all it is, and a beautiful one too, a car for everyone to love equally, except for The Boy, Mrs. NotThat and all other family members except for you. Pshaw! It's a car for the people! The VolksMiata!