Friday, August 8, 2008

I I I I or Eye Eye Eye Eye?

 Ah what the heck - "Hey, you - four eyes!"

The Boy now has glasses. By his age I was on my second or third pair. Mrs Notthat was even more of a veteran of wearing glasses. I don't remember how old WHM was when she first got glasses, but I know she was a lot younger than The Boy is now.

Here's another odd thing - he did not have to get them. His eyes are mostly fine, but they could be improved a bit with glasses so the eye doctor gave him the option.

And The Boy went for it - anything that might help with distance viewing is worth it. Plus they are sort of cool looking.

I also went in for a checkup. My last checkup had been almost six years ago, but I was seeing pretty good with my glasses and they were holding up really well. 

The picture of me was intended to show my dilated eyes, but instead it makes me look like Marty Feldman's younger brother. (Any of you that were thinking I was his older brother, or dad, should just keep on walking. Also, any of you who don't know who Marty Feldman is needs to Google him and watch Young Frankenstein soon.)

In any case, my eyes had changed a little bit (an advantage of progressive bifocals is that you can adjust your head a little bit and compensate for changing eyes - up to a point).

So I'll be getting a new pair of glasses too. 

And I promise to stop making that face, although it might be kind of cool if it stuck that way.

That's it - move along...

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DAK said...

This is amazing. Someone actually wants glasses? The Boy has lost his marbles -- but maybe he needs the glasses to find them. You look like you just ate a pint of habanero chiles.