Friday, March 6, 2009

Legal and screwed tire updates

It's been a busy week. Work has left me with little time or energy to keep up with recreational internet activities, but I will hopefully be able to pick up the pace this weekend.

First, the screw in the tire issue was handled on Monday by Mrs Notthat. As I feared, they pronounced the tire as unrepairable - any issue with a tire's sidewall is pretty much fatal. But since we bought the tire from them about a year ago, it came with a warranty and they replaced the tire for less than $15. 

Second, The Boy and his legal issue was resolved. As reported back in November, The Boy got a speeding ticket. On Tuesday, three and a half months after the event, The Boy finally got his day in court. The judge started by listing the variety of punishments that were possible (just about everything short of hanging). He then had The Boy tell his story. The Boy apparently was very convincing, and that, on top of being nicely dressed and suitably sorry, caused the judge to just have him pay the fine ($130 or so) and have his driving restricted a bit for a month. After this, it will be as if the ticket never happened. The Boy and us are greatly relieved while our insurance company is going to miss out on a windfall.

Third, remember my parking ticket? I wrote a nice letter to the Transit Parking Enforcement people about a month ago and have been waiting for a response. I got it today. Pay up or go to jail they said. However, I then noticed that they had reduced the fine from $30 to $10. So my nice letter ended up worth $20.

If everything I wrote paid that well, I'd be happily living on an exotic island watching a beautiful sunset, sipping a designer ice tea, and eating gourmet sunflower seeds. But it doesn't, so I'm sitting on the couch watching Monty Python, sipping Lipton ice tea, and eating generic sunflower seeds. 

Actually, not bad at all!

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

All over good news, I'm thinking. Except I miss the Pringles®.

DAK said...

I guess I missed most of the original angst over The Boy and the tire. Sounds like it worked out well. Meanwhile, you were right about my thumb drive -- it had three weeks to dry out and now appears to be working again.

When do we give up on our teams this year? Can we make it past April?

notthatlucas said...

DAK! You're back! Thumb drives are amazingly rugged - they go through washing machines all the time.

I was thinking the Giants had an actual shot until the Manny signing. Now it's going to take some really lucky ball bounces. And Manny getting a really bad hangnail. Or a tragic incident involving his hair and a pasta machine at Tommy Lasorda's house.