Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My new office production enhancement device

I sit in a cluttered office filled with thousands of dollars worth of high-tech computer gear, and the thing that has gotten the most attention is my new $13 red rubber ball.

I bought this on sale at a sporting goods store with the intent to use it as a part-time office chair/back strengthening device. The box clearly stated that it contained a 75 cm gray ball. When I opened it, there was a red ball with a paper that said it was 65 cm. Further reading and some quick math (really, how many of you know how big 75 cm is? Would it fit under a 28" high desk?) proved that I really did have a 75 cm ball that was red instead of gray. (Did I mention this cost $13?)

The thing took forever to pump up (I stopped just short of 75 cm since I wanted it to fit under my desk). Is it comfortable? Yes, mostly. You do find yourself unconsciously bouncing a bit on the thing which probably adds to the subtle exercise element. The biggest problem is that you can't swivel on it, which it turns out is something I do a lot of in my office. I've been told that there are $100 dollies that you can put the ball on that will allow it to swivel, but that's not going to happen.

An interesting thing is that two different people have mentioned an incident involving Leo Laporte and a live podcast where everything is going along normally when suddenly there is a loud explosion as his ball popped and he ended up on the floor. Everyone laughed once they got over the shock of it, but this incident makes me feel like sitting on this ball is more of an adventure than advertised. (If you click the above link, be patient. It is a one hour show and the explosion is not until about 45 minutes have passed.)

So I'm living dangerously part time, and allowing guests to live dangerously the rest of the time.

And getting strange looks nearly all the time (not that that is anything new).

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

This is great!

DAK said...

I could measure our GREEN exercise ball, except when we had company a few months ago it had to go out in the backyard and it's still out there, somewhere, over the rainbow (and the arugula).