Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A warning and a recommendation, sort of

First, the warning. Mrs Notthat is leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday if you don't want to have to work that bit out) for Maryland. A niece (Haras, not her real name, but kind of funny looking with my sophisticated code) is getting married. Mrs Notthat is not going to the wedding, but is going to the wedding shower. This makes sense, but honestly I don't remember why.

In any case, it means a couple of things:

1) The Boy and I will be on our own for six days - Mrs doesn't come home until Tuesday. This may be sort of fun for a couple of days, but for nearly a week?

B) I have to take Friday off to watch the grandkids. Work is a bit exciting right now (code for "stressful"), so taking a day off means I will most likely have to make it up over the weekend. But since I was probably going to be working over the weekend anyway, this really is no big deal. The good part is that the weather should be pretty nice on Friday, so we can spend time outside.

Now for the recommendation. Of a sort. 

I just finished reading one of the books I got for Pansy Day - Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde. I love books that are slightly off - I've written before about how much I loved The Princess Bride by William Goldman - and Jasper Fforde is exceptionally good at being slightly off. It is really hard to describe his writing, but it is very British and is mostly based on playing with other books - treating them as things that are sort of alive, with characters you can interact with. (This book has Hamlet as a relatively major character - I've never read Hamlet or even seen the movie, but that didn't matter - it was easy to have fun with him anyway.) 

If you are pretty well read, I suspect you get more out of his books than someone like me, but I still found myself laughing out loud often and being amazed at the cleverly weird twists of this book. If you do decide to take a chance on one of his books, start with The Eyre Affair - the first in the Thursday Next series. I'll even loan you my copy if you'd like.

But he is not for everyone. It's not fantasy or science fiction, but it's also not normal. 

Maybe that's how I'll pass the next six days - reading the other Jasper Fforde book I've got. Well, after the work is done. And the Grandkids watched. Oh, and The Boy and I need to do a bit more tool shopping. And of course Idiot Dog Teddy will need a walk. And maybe the Jayhawks will be on TV sometime. And then...

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Oh, good luck w/o Mrs. Notthat...
Thanks for the book recommendation,
always appreciated.

DAK said...

Ain't no way I'm reading a book by a guy whose name is Ford but he spells it Fforde. I mean, Forde, OK, but Fforde? How about Phfforde? How about Ffpfphvord? Still, good luck with Mrs. gone. I see lots of frozen pizza.

notthatlucas said...

C'mon DAK - just think of him as "Ffordenik." I think you might like him (I'm more worried that mush wouldn't).

And you nailed the frozen pizza for last night. Tonight is still up for grabs, but it won't involve the words "healthy" or "tofu".