Monday, March 16, 2009

Toolboxes and Big East bias

The Boy marked his toolboxes last night with a shield based on the logo of a local pirate-based football team that hasn't had a winning season since Johnny Depp started playing a pirate in those Disney movies. (Coincidence? Maybe, but man, their team lately has played like they were in a Disney cartoon with Goofy running the show.) 

(I apologize to the Goofy fans out there - I now realize that it was rude of me to compare him to Al Davis.)

In any case, the chrome logos came out pretty good. The real question will be how long they will stay that way once the toolboxes start getting used daily.

And now a few thoughts about the NCAA tournament. (I saw that - you rolled your eyes, didn't you?) 

The Kansas Jayhawks, with a number 3 seed that nobody would have predicted at the beginning of the season, on Friday play the first team from the state of North Dakota to ever make the tournament - the Bison of North Dakota State. 

In a fit of bitterness, I will be rooting heartily against all seven (!) of the teams from the Big East conference that made the tournament. The crowning insult is that three of them were made number 1 seeds. Please join me in hoping for the worst for all of these teams: Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Louisville, West Virginia, Villanova, Syracuse, and Marquette. Of these seven teams, I can cut some slack for West Virginia due to in-law ties and Pittsburgh due to my boss's ties. But that's it.

Assuming Kansas gets by the Bison, they will most likely get to play West Virginia in the second round.

Thursday begins one of the most glorious sports weekends ever contrived. If Kansas survives, next Thursday will also begin one of the most glorious sports weekends ever contrived. (Those of you with short memories may have forgotten that Kansas won it all last year, leading to four consecutive most glorious sports weekends ever contrived. That is highly unlikely this year, but...)

Sorry Mrs Notthat. And sorry to all of you who couldn't care less about the tournament (which I suspect is all of you).

That's it - move along


DAK said...

West Virginia is a very good team. If Kansas gets past them, they've got a chance to do something special. And we expect nothing less of you than to be glued to these games, year after year. After all, you watch golf.

notthatlucas said...

No golf for the next couple of weeks though. (Phil not choking yesterday was pretty good though. I thought for sure he would blow it, and it even made it hard to watch the tournament selection show.)

Also I need to give shout-outs to Missouri, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State for making the tournament. I root for all of the teams from the old Big 8 unless there is an obvious conflict.

mary ann said...

I liked the part about the chrome logo.