Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some updates and Darci gets organized

Just a few quick updates on the past week's posts plus some Darci fun.

Riley is back in the hospital, although things are not very serious (but serious enough that he will probably be staying one more night). This is particularly troubling since this was the weekend that WHM and NCN were to go off to a springtime Yosemite while we kept the kids for a couple of nights. It's their fourth anniversary (we call ours Pansy Day - I've no idea what they call theirs, but there's a chance it isn't fit for a family blog).

Hopefully they will manage to squeeze some goody out of the weekend, but it won't be what had been hoped for. In any case, Riley was in great spirits, considering where he is, and everyone is coping as best they can.

The picture up top relates to my next two items: IDT's eye and Darci's organizational skills.

IDT does not like getting drops in his eye. Who would have guessed that? In any case, as you can clearly see in that picture, things are looking better (or so Mrs Notthat says - I don't see much of a change, but then he could start wearing a nose ring and I probably wouldn't notice that either).

Yesterday Mrs Notthat watched Darci while Riley was getting situated. Darci decided to organize our Disney VHS tape library. See if you can guess her criteria. 

Basically, she grouped all the animal movies together and then all the people movies together. She had trouble working out what to do with Toy Story though, and put it in the middle. It's a little disturbing that she put Barney with the people, and seems to think that bugs are more animalish than mice, and that 101 Dalmatians is more about Cruealla DeVil than all those dogs, but it's pretty amazing that at 4 ("4 and a half grandpa" she would correct me) she is noticing and caring about such things.

And finally, the Jayhawks. They lost last night, but that's OK. I've heard rumors (unsubstantiated, except for the fact they were typed right in my face) that not everyone shared my enthusiasm. Again, that's OK. I still have Missouri and Oklahoma to follow, so I can ease my way into the baseball season. The hat that WHM made for me worked pretty well - the Jayhawks ended up MUCH better than expected - and there is always next year.

That's it - move along...

PS: WHM = Weird Haired Mom, winner of Klub Kaiser's frequent stayer award (non-sick person division). NCN = Needs Cool Name = grandkids dad. IDT = Idiot Dog Teddy, who got a nice walk this morning with our stunningly nice weather.


DAK said...

So I'm trying to figure out which team is closer to Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma, now that, well, you know. Villanova? No. Connecticut? No. North Carolina (with the hated coach)? God, no. So that leaves Pitt. Pitt? Isn't Pitt still in? Is the Pitt still in the Olive? I know you're rooting for them, if they are.

notthatlucas said...

Actually, Pitt would be interesting, but they lost too. The fourth team is Michigan State. The team that knocked off Kansas. Weirdly, they are the team I want to win it out of who's left.

Actually, I really don't care much at all anymore and will be trying to find spring training games to listen to instead.

mary ann said...

Darci is ready for the big box as a shelver!