Friday, March 20, 2009

The last (hopefully) post about grandkids in hospitals

I just wanted to post some pictures from the last two days (some we took, others I stole from WHM's Facebook stuff).

Here's Riley petting what could have been Idiot Dog Teddy's little sister. He got to pet two different dogs while in the hospital.

This is Darci still in Redwood City, getting ready to be transported to Santa Clara.

Getting loaded into the ambulance.

And a bit later standing in front of her princess bed. She never did get as tied down as Riley had been.

Mrs Notthat and Riley rejoicing over the arrival of Darci.

Today we brought each of them a present. Darci opened hers first - a small Snow White with several rubber outfits. Even Riley thought that was fun for a bit.

Riley then opened his present on his race car bed.

Riley got a Hot Wheels with Dinosaurs thing that was fun. Maybe even more fun than dressing up Snow White in rubber outfits.

Here is Riley enthusiastically playing in the playroom they have set up here. It has lots of interesting toys that Riley enjoyed once he was no longer tied down with tubes and wires. There is also an outdoor area they can play in. The pediatrics area of this hospital was really well done (if a bit confusing to find). It's a good thing since Kaiser is considering closing the pediatric area of the Redwood City hospital.

And that's it. Everyone is home now, although I'm sure it will take a few days to get back to any kind of normal. Next up - I get to go through Mrs Notthat's pictures from her Maryland trip and post my favorite here! (Or more accurately, those I can make fun of.)

That's it - move along...

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mary ann said...

Dogs in hospitals? Very cool...