Monday, February 2, 2009

Thirty dollars

I'll get the hang of this commute thing eventually.

I parked at the train station this morning, made sure my lights were off, and placed the parking pass on the dash. 

I confidently went about my day, assured that I was going to have a trouble-free commute. Finally.

On the train home we had our tickets checked for the first time in a couple of weeks. That's when it hit me - it was no longer January. I had my February ticket in my backpack, so that was no big deal, but I also had my February parking pass in my backpack. That was a big deal.

This meant I was once again trusting to either a forgiving parking enforcer or a lack on interest to escape without a ticket. 

As the picture shows, I got a ticket. For $30. I'll call tomorrow to see if there is any chance of getting it dismissed due to my admitting I'm stupid (and I'm not afraid to play the old age card either), but I suspect they will shrug and say "Make the check out to the San Mateo County Slush Fund."

If that's how it turns out, I can't really complain. I have been riding free or nearly free now for several years with my company picking up the tab, so thirty dollars, especially when it is all my fault, is pretty cheap.

But still.

That's it - move along...  

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DAK said...

Yes, but still...everybody hates parking tickets. Grrrrr.