Sunday, February 8, 2009

Automotive fashion, installation failure, and lots of cards

The Boy now has his official class jacket.

Nice graphic, although I'm pretty sure the spark plug is a bit out of place, and each piston should probably have its own. My guess is that this is from a Chrysler product.

The Boy and I took a shot at installing this headlight warning kit in the Race Car in an effort to reduce the chances of leaving the headlights on.

I'm pretty sure I bought this in '83 or so for the old Landcruiser I had at the time. It says it is for US built cars only, but I hoped to work out some way to make it work with the Miata.

The thing to keep in mind is that The Boy has not actually graduated from his automotive class yet - he's still a few years from that - so they may not have gotten around to the bits about wearing proper footwear. Still, this was a bit alarming.

And ultimately it was a failure. The Race Car uses tiny fuses that were not used by US built or any other cars back in '83, so we will need to do some thinking to come up with a way to make this kit work. (And it will - no way I'm wasting that nearly $4 I spent 26 years ago.)

Later, we got together with Lihp and Yram (not their real names) for dinner at Cooks Seafood Restaurant (motto: "If it has fins*, we can deep fry it!" *Does not include cars from the 60's) and some aggressive cards.

We were paused for a dessert break when this picture was taken. We play this game called Hand and Foot which is based on Canasta (I've been told). For five of us, it takes seven decks of cards. As you can clearly see, I am not doing so hot and Lihp (rear-right) is cleaning up. There's a good chance he's benefitting from performance-enhancing whipped cream.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

You need to send me the rules to Hand and Foot unless you're making that up. Also, The Boy's jacket looks suspiciously like a motorcycle jacket. Does he have a girl friend named Lulu, (Ulul to you), blonde, early 40s, smokes a lot?

mary ann said...

I like the no shoes approach to fixing cars!