Monday, February 16, 2009

My day could have been a LOT worse

How's this for a fun little novelty item? A prostate stress ball! With a section removed for even greater realism and fun!

I was looking on the interwebs for a picture of an actual prostate and came across this. (Sadly, I might have ordered one - you can get it personalized - except there is a minimum order of 1000. This is interesting, but not that interesting.)

Today my dad (not his real name) had his prostate removed. It appears everything went extremely well and he is doing fine. Since he lives in a small town in southwestern Colorado, he had to go about 60 miles to have this operation. And he had to be there by 6 AM. He and his posse (which turned out to be HUGE) had to leave Pagosa Springs extremely early for this, dodging deer, elk, coyotes, and delivery trucks along the way. (Fortunately, they did not have to dodge snow plows. All of this rain we have been getting is heading their way - hopefully it won't get there until after he gets home tomorrow.)

So now the next time I see my doctor I get to tell him about this, and he will get really excited/concerned and I will be having more tests than ever. (An uncle on my mother's side died of prostate cancer a number of years ago. This means I've got potential issues on both sides of the family! Oh joy!)

Hopefully I'll be able to avoid any serious issues. My dad was caught pretty early and it appears there is nothing to sweat now. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. 

Cause that snow blower won't run itself. (Kidding!)

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Oh, you must have worried all day. Glad the outcome was good.

DAK said...

What in the world is a prostate ball and why do you need 1,000 of them? Do you tee them up and whack the s--t out of them after surgery to make you feel better? Confused.