Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday!

Like almost every guy in America, I have been looking forward to this Sunday for quite a while. The final round of the first golf tournament on TV! And this is the FBR Open in Scottsdale Arizona, which is famous for its rowdy crowds at the 16th hole and gorgeous weather. And a guy named Nitties is in the running.

Speaking of Arizona, there is also a football game today. It's a little tough for me to really care about who wins, but I'm going to pull for the Arizona Cardinals for these three reasons:

• They are the underdog.

• They are in the west.

• They have a relatively old guy at quarterback.

I usually refuse to root for teams that have relocated (the Cards used to be in St Louis), but I will make an exception this time. I will never root for the Colts, for example, since I was living in Maryland when the team was moved  in the middle of the night, with no warning. I will never root for the Titans or Rams either. The Ravens are a tougher call since they moved to Baltimore and I still have in-laws back there that root for them. But I rooted against them this year. Sorry Lein (not his real name).

The Raiders are a special case altogether - they moved from Oakland to LA, and then moved back, and will no doubt move out again at the next opportunity. But they are a local team, so I can go either way. The good news is that they are so bad that there is no point to root against them.

I also know that this policy could cause lots of problems in baseball, since an awful lot of the teams have relocated if you go back far enough, including the SF Giants.

In any case, Go Cards! (And great Super Bowl ads!)

And if my boss (who is from Pittsburgh and will be wearing Steeler face paint today) is reading this - sorry. I'll bring you cookies tomorrow if your team gets beat. They'll probably have pumpkin in them though.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I guess this means we have to root against the Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland Athletics and certainly the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. (signed) The Great Los Angeles/Berkeley/Nashville/New York/Pennsylvania/Miami/Los Angeles again/San Francisco Plotniks.

notthatlucas said...

Yeah, like I say it gets confusing when baseball is brought into the equation. The good thing is that since it's just my own weirdness, I can modify it when necessary.

And it's not helping that the golf match is now on its second playoff hole and the football game is actually getting ready to start.