Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Energy and yet more tales from the commute

First, this picture is of the top of The Boy's dresser. Energy drinks and potato chips. Fuel for school. Sigh... Bonus points if you noted the piston and computer power supply. Extra bonus points if you worked out that the power supply is broken. 

The Boy is liking his automotive class a lot. They have been taking apart a Lexus V8. Tomorrow is tool day - three tool companies show off their wrenches and try to make some sales (while keeping an eye on their trucks, making sure the over-excited students don't try removing their engines).

Now for a bit of a commute update. (I know, most of you are tired of these - I'll try to keep it brief.)

The good news is that I managed to successfully ride the train and legally park and have no issues at all.

Except for the shuttle bus this morning. 

When I take the early train, the shuttle bus driver is Ernie - a nice guy that I have seen at the train station for years, but never actually had as a driver before we switched to the mini-rock star busses. 

The building I work in is at the end of the shuttle bus run. There can be as many as eight stops before we get to my building. It can get a bit tiresome. Today was the worst, and it took forever to get to the stop. I started wondering whether it was worth it - it was 70 minutes between the time I left the house and entered the building. I was bummed.

By the time we got to my building, I was the only one left on the bus. We pulled up to the building and then Ernie told me how happy he was to see me this morning, since it meant he got to go to my building, which is one of the few that has an easily accessible bathroom. And if I'm not on the shuttle, he has to wait until after his next run to the train station.

And weirdly, just like that, I was fine. I can totally relate to the importance of convenient bathroom stops.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Yes, remember the operator of the N-Judah streetcar who had to pee so bad she left her streetcar parked on a hill and ran into a store, forgetting to set the brake. MUNI is still paying out for that one.

mary ann said...

One of my Muni drivers asked a customer to run into the corner grocery and get her a Coke®. We really weren't delayed but a minute...