Monday, February 23, 2009

Shake my hand (or at least pull my finger)

I haven't done a real whinny post in a while, so here goes.

There is at least one jerk (probably more) that uses the same bathroom I use at work. He/they are sort of Howard Hughes-like with their fear of germs, but very slob-like in their willingness to, um, be a slob.

Look at that top picture. Here's how it goes:

• You do your business.

• You wash your hands. (I know, you women probably all rolled your eyes at this, but really, guys do wash their hands after doing their business. A lot of the time. At least if someone else is there to see them.)

• You take the towel you dried your hands with and use it to grab the handle and open the door.

• You no longer want the towel, so you drop it on the floor.

• Alternatively, you carry the towel to the balcony just outside the door and try to make a basket in the trash can on the first floor (shown in the second picture).

In either case, a used paper towel ends up on the floor and you immediately have to open another door to go back to your office.

First whiny point: Why would you think this was OK? Would you do this at home?

Second whiny point: You are so paranoid that you can't bring yourself to touch the door handle to leave the bathroom, but yet you have no trouble touching the next door handle that is only about five steps from that one. Do you think that while someone's hand could foul up one door handle, it is suddenly going to become sterile in those five steps? Why not carry the towel and use it to open that door too? And then throw it away in a proper trash can?

Look - it is a bit annoying that you have to use a handle to get out of the bathroom. It might be a good idea to have a trash can just outside the door to deposit your towel-of-sterility (but I'll bet you would still miss). But a grownup-like person should be able to easily see that throwing the towels on the ground is not a valid way to handle this situation, even as a weird form of protest. 

You are a moron and miss your mommy.

That's it - move along...

PS: It would be interesting to know if the women's bathroom has this same issue. Not interesting enough for me to investigate though.

PPS: Here's a joke, sort of. A Texan and a normal person are in the men's room. They both finish up at the urinal at the same time. The normal person walks to the sink while the Texan walks to the door. "Where I come from, we wash our hands after that" said the normal person. "Where I come from, we don't pee on our hands" said the Texan. I'm pretty sure lots of guys are secretly Texans, when nobody is watching.

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mary ann said...

Funny, I never figured out the towel by door before ~ you and TGP are both "on subject" today. Women's bathrooms never as bad as men's, but certainly less than perfect.