Friday, November 14, 2008

This is the weather we are leaving behind

I stayed home from work today to help watch grandkids so that all of the last minute pre-trip things had half a chance of getting done. Like scrubbing the toilet and bathing the dog.

The weather today was stunning. You could have swore it was mid-July and not mid-November. Attached are a batch of pictures showing the wonders of the grandkids, The Boy, and the weather.

The top picture shows Mrs Notthat rounding up the grandkids in front of the heart-shaped shrub, which is actually looking pretty good. The funny thing is Riley - if you look closely you can see that he is pretending to take my picture while I'm taking his. That is one goofy kid (and he did really well today considering how he was earlier in the week).

The next picture shows him in the castle, ridding the area of spider webs.

The next picture shows Darci admiring the first calla-lily bloom of the winter. Yes, she is wearing her pajamas. Today was PJ Day at her pre-school. She assured me that she had the best pajamas of anyone there. 

The bottom picture shows The Boy mowing the lawn with Riley riding along. Kids...

In any case, we are up at 4 AM tomorrow. I never sleep well before a flight, especially one that I have to get up so early for, so I may be a bit grumpy. 

Not that anyone would notice.

That's it - move along...

PS: Dave Barry had this item in his blog today that I thought was really funny. The best thing was that it was finally admitted that Obama is actually O'bama, from an Irish immigrant family. If you haven't read the stories that Dave links to about his times with the Lawn Rangers Precision Lawnmower Drill Team, you should. We need to have our own troop out here.


DAK said...

You're all very nice to be flying across country to show your respects. It's raining here in Providence and your pictures of sunny days in the Bay make me anxious to get home. A safe trip to all the NotThats.

mary ann said...

Maybe you'll write from there! I love the photos of sunshine and family life.