Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grandkids, puddles, and a sandwich

There are a lot of pictures to get through, so I won't waste a lot of time getting started.

The Boy is on a quest to make the perfect sandwich. He took this picture on Thursday of his latest entry into the perfect sandwich sweepstakes. That's grilled onions and steak on a grilled sourdough roll with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, and peperoncini. The Boy is onto something.

Here is another view of Darci in her nurse's scrubs, practicing some form of tongue-based yoga.

Riley is not into yoga - he goes straight to looking calm and innocent and adorable. (Shortly after this picture he grabbed IDT's tail in his continuing effort to annoy the dog as much as possible, then he made a fierce dinosaur face, growled, ran from the room only to return an instant later with a fake snake clenched in his teeth.)

Darci and I cut up one of our pumpkins, boiled it, and pureed it. Darci's favorite part is fooling with the slimy guts inside it.

Riley helped Mrs Notthat make extremely healthy blueberry muffins. (Strangely, he would not eat them though.)

Later in the afternoon WHM showed up and started getting the kids dressed for the evening's main event. She made a dinosaur costume for Riley, but we never saw the finished product though. She has promised to post pictures at her site at some point this weekend.

We know that WHM has a very high opinion of nurses, however it's seems a bit of a stretch to think there are princess nurses (at least until Disney makes the movie "Sleeping Little Nurses and the Silver Stethoscope of the Underwater Kingdom").

Actually, her real costume was, surprise, a princess outfit. This picture shows WHM in her for real costume, having come straight from the hospital where she spends Friday's training on real live patients.

Here is Darci in her complete costume, proudly wearing color coordinated princess Crocs - what all the hippest princesses wear.

This morning I took IDT for a walk in between showers. It appears our rainy season has arrived. For now, I love the way the air smells and feels after a rain, and welcome the change. There's a good chance I'll be whining about the lack of sunshine within a couple of weeks, but for now its great.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

I love the photos and that is about the prettiest princess I've ever seen! I do not believe that the sweet and innocent Riley could ever act out. You are just trying to make your blog a little more exciting.

DAK said...

Yup, that photo of Pope Innocent the Riley is really perfect. And Darci is gorgeous helping with the pumpkin. You two sure have created beautiful grandkids.

WHM said...

nice pictures :)

and I updated my blog with trick or treating photos, ad I only made the part of Riley's costume he's wearing in your picture, I didn't make the over dino part, and I made Darci's cape :)