Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The election's finally here

Our hot air popcorn popper's dead and the new one hasn't arrived yet, so tonight will have to rely on microwave popcorn. I have been anticipating this election more than any Super Bowl, World Series, or Final Four event I can remember (and this is saying something - remember the Jayhawks back in March or the Giants back in, well, way back there).

I always like election night. It will have its challenges though, either because of the results or the lack of results, and the non-stop blathering quickly gets on ones nerves. But it's still a great night for TV. (Fair warning Mrs Notthat.)

I'm having a bit of trouble focusing on work today. We all are. Everyone seems a bit nervous and a bit afraid of jinxing this thing. There's no rational way that Obama can lose, but you only have to look at 2000 and 2004 to know that rationalness is not required in a presidential election.

Fair Warning II - I'm going to be devastated if Obama doesn't win. 

In one very real sense though, we are all winners - today marks the end of all those political ads and flyers and robo calls. Finally.

That's it - move along...

PS: Doesn't it seem weird to have an election in California without having to vote about some Indian casino somewhere getting more/less slot machines?



Now we have slot machines on our ballots here in Maryland! Thanks Gov. O'Malley!
I will be devastated as well.

WHM said...

I'm going to be devastated if pop 8 passes, and that one's so close that there is a very real possibility that I might be devastated, classmate noticed that I was "quiter than usual today" and asked if everything was ok.... I'm going to be watching while practicing for my check off tomarrow.... sterile field result, sterile field result, should be an entertaining evening.

and yes now that you mention it, it is odd to not be voting on an indian/slot machine thing....

and I did end up voting yes on 2, V and no on W, thank you for your insights on those I greatly appreciate it.

WHM said...