Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's not unusual Mars Attacks grandchildren freezing

Yes, I know that's a weird title, but this is going to be a wide ranging post.

I work for a reasonably "hip" company. When you apply to work here, the form has places to list your piercings and tattoos - the more you have the better your chances (I was grandfathered in since I have none of either).

This hip company occasionally has these things called "beer bashes" that usually have some sort of theme (the most bizarre is the Health Faire Beer Bash). Friday we had a bash that promised a "surprise musical guest." Since my group has been moved to a building about a mile away, I rarely go to these things. Also, to paraphrase Yogi Berra, it's so crowded that nobody goes there anymore.

But the promise of a surprise musical guest was a bit much to resist, so I headed over, got a good spot to stand (this was in the cafeteria - they removed all the chairs and tables to allow easy mingling), and started waiting for the event to begin. It was a much longer wait than I bargained for, but finally things got underway.

So who was the surprise musical guest? The company loves to keep these sorts of thing secret. It seemed that a few people there knew who the guest was, but they weren't talking. I noticed that one woman had brought a pair of (hopefully spare) red lace undies. In retrospect, this should have been a big hint.

The introduction went something like this - "He's the greatest singer ever! He's stolen many women's hearts!" Hmmmm. Elvis is (probably) dead. This also eliminated things like Brittany Spears. But who could it be?

As you can clearly see in this picture the surprise musical guest turned out to be TOM JONES!

And the crowd, 90% of which were not even born when Tom had his first hits, went wild! Undies were flung on the stage. This was easily the most surreal bash ever.

He opened with "It's not Unusual," sang a couple of songs from his new (!) album, sang a couple of xmas songs (no DAK, not "It Must Have Been the Mistletoe" - sorry), then the hit "What's New Pussycat" (everyone swaying and holding up their iPhones while their nose rings tinkled - this had to be weirder than anything Tom puts up with in Las Vegas), and then he was gone.

The funny thing is that when I think of Tom Jones, I think of that wonderful Hollywood classic Mars Attacks, a movie in which he had a big role. I forget that he's a big shot singer.

We watched the grandkids this evening while WHM and WHD went to a movie and a dinner that didn't involve animated characters or a Happy Meal. This picture shows Mrs Notthat protecting them while watching the horror movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - a VeggieTales movie.

See the blankets and warm PJs? We are still in the grip of a winter blast. This morning, IDT's water dish had just a little water left in it, and it was frozen. I tried to fill it with the hose, but it was frozen.

Snow can't be far off.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I want to know how to Apple Geeks throw panties? Do they, like, take the vectors and do a wind analysis, plus consider the grade of cotton (and size of projectile), and then does every pair end up right on Tom's nose? Did he do 'Elvira'? And are you really sure that old bald guy is THE Tom Jones? I guess you knew when you heard him sing.

mary ann said...

Wow, TOM JONES. That is something, but I do worry about the panty-tossing least no shoes were thrown, were they?

tonyon said...
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