Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Boy is running out knees

The Boy got his left knee operated on this morning. He had a torn meniscus and ended up getting stitches, which means he is out of commission for a while. (The CHP are bummed that he won't be driving for a bit. Our insurance company asked if he was out of body parts to be operated on - they like the idea of him not driving.)

The plan was to start the operation at 9 AM. Club Sequoia requires that you get there two hours early, so this meant leaving the house at 6:40 AM or so. Not great, but not obnoxiously early. Then yesterday we got a call that the operation had been moved up to 7:30 AM - and was asked if that would be a problem.


Simple (but horrifying) math said that this would require us to be up at about 4:30 AM to shower and get loaded up. Which was what we ended up doing.

Well, not really "we" since my job was to stay home and keep the grandkids from shoving IDT's tail in an electrical outlet or building a scaffolding out of Tinkertoys to get at the cookies (seriously, all they have to do is ask - I'm of the "ice cream is fine for breakfast" opinion if it makes them happy and my job easier).

So after Mrs Notthat and The Boy headed off to the hospital, I squeezed in a little nap. (Please don't tell Mrs Notthat - I'm supposedly this "morning person" kind of guy who should be thrilled at the chance to get up that early, and I'd hate to burst that bubble, although I can't for the life of understand why not.)

As was done when he had is right knee whacked, they wrote "YES" on the knee to be cut open. I still think they should write "NO" on the other knee, but I'm just a bit more paranoid than is useful.

The operation went fine. The Boy was much less stressed about the whole process this time. Here he is pretending to be ET with that glowy thing on his finger while in the recovery room.

And here he is with his extremely complicated knee brace that he will have to wear for a month or so. Apparently the damage was not as serious on this knee since he is not quite as heavily restricted as last time - for example, he can put 50% of his weight on the knee already - so hopefully his recovery will be much quicker than in February.

Meanwhile, his classes are on winter break and he has taken a leave of absense from work, which means he is going to have a LOT of time on his hands which we can't fill by making him mow the lawns or other chores like that. For now he is OK with that, but I suspect he will be getting bored soon.

Mrs Notthat will certainly be ready to get him healed and out of her hair very soon.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

So what has happened? Why does he keep having knee problems? Is this congenital?

mary ann said...

Good thing you have medical insurance!