Friday, December 19, 2008

Gentlepersons - Start your engines!

Here's a funny thing: A coworker (Ydnas - not her real name) has a daughter (Yllom) who is about to turn 17. Yllom announced a few days ago that she wants her first car to be an old Ford Thunderbird. Ydnas explained that these cars are either really expensive or they need lots of work. Yllom said the "lots of work" part wouldn't be a problem since she could have The Boy do it. They met once at The Crucible when we took that welding class. A 56 Thunderbird is a sweet ride - The Boy would probably love fooling with one.

And he may even end up qualified to do so. 

He did it - The Boy got into the Skyline College Automotive Technology Program! Apparently they get quite a few more applications than they have openings, so it gets a bit competitive to get in. Last semester The Boy took an introductory automotive course there with the hopes that doing well in it would help his chances of getting into this program, and it appears to have worked.

The program is three years long and each semester requires you to come to classes four days a week for five hours each day. If I read it right, his first semester will have him there from 8 AM to 1 PM. It has been a while since he had to be anywhere at 8 AM, and since this school is in San Bruno (Spanish for "Without Bunions" - weird), which is about a 20 mile/40 minute commute during rush hour, this will definitely be challenging for his alarm clock.

But he is excited and looking forward to it anyway. His knee is healing well and he will hopefully be fairly mobile by then (he has three more weeks of crutches).

Now, the important bits. Skyline College calls themselves the Trojans. While they don't have a football team, they do have baseball, basketball, wrestling, and soccer teams. I'm not aware of any pro athlete that came from this college, and their games are not nationally broadcast - weirdly it appears that sports are not their top priority.

So The Boy and his fragile knees will have to focus on his classes and be happy.

We are thrilled! Congrats Jesse!

That's it - move along...


WHM said...

congrats for getting in the program little bro! :)

DAK said...

This is fabulous news! Now you've got the auto mechanic, you still need the computer repairman and the doctor who specializes in geriatrics. Riley and Darci can fight it out to see who gets to do which.

mary ann said...

Oh, great news ~ congrats!