Saturday, December 6, 2008

A boy, a dog, and produce

Just a quick couple of pictures I found on the camera this morning. 

Riley loves bugging IDT. IDT seems to be OK with the attention, and is pretty good about just wandering away when he wants peace and quiet. 

Riley had a brush with a cold or something this week and there was fear that he was going to end up back in the hospital, but WHM jumped on top of it and appears to have defeated it, which is excellent news. 

Our three year old dwarf orange tree is giving us the most oranges ever! I love freshly picked oranges - they have a flavor that no store bought oranges can match. We do have to protect them from critters (we must have some of the healthiest rodents in the country). We are looking at getting almost a dozen oranges total.

That's it - move along... 

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mary ann said...

Wow, beautiful oranges indeed! Ginger in Santa Barbara always has them in her backyard too. The best.