Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Boy takes a shower (finally)

The Boy had been waiting for this day ever since the surgery. Today marked 72 hours (he was counting down to the minute) after the surgery, which meant he could remove the bandage and EXTREMELY carefully take a shower.

But first, this picture shows where he has been spending most of his days. Last time we did not actually get him a handicap placard and there were a few times when we really wished we had. So this time, Mrs Notthat went to the (begin spooky music) DMV to pick one up. Except the Redwood City DMV was out getting a facial, so she had to drive up north somewhere to get it.

This picture shows the bandage removal process that involved a lot of "Be careful, go slow, OOOWWW, here let me do it" and so on.

And here is his knee. You can see three incisions (two below the kneecap and one that looks like it has masking tape on it - I swear we didn't go to Kaiser, although the fact that they felt it necessary to write "Yes" twice on the leg does worry me a bit). The shower went OK, but getting in and out was tricky. Hopefully a well placed grab bar will help him with that.

In any case, he has been watching lots of TV and movies and even Dave Letterman. Tomorrow he may even venture out of the house for the first time.

And I'll bet he doesn't forget the handicap placard.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Can we rent the placard?

DAK said...

I'll bet he's back on his skateboard within a week.