Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

Work has been busy and has made doing these posts a bit irregular. Sorry. Today I catch up on a variety of things.

Frost on the Roof!
This morning dawn rose on lots of frost on the roof. It's cold. Officially it is only about 39 degrees or so, but it feels colder than that. This weekend I must pick the rest of the tomatoes since I don't want to have them spoiled by a true freeze like happened last year.

The Boy Getting Whacked Again
On Wednesday The Boy is getting his other knee operated on. We don't know yet how long his recovery will be, but it has been timed to occur during his school's winter break. Last time he was not able to drive or put weight on the leg for what seemed about a year - hopefully this time it will be less.

New Weights at the Fitness Center
We got some new weights at the fitness center at my work.

Note the bars. In spite of the way it looks, they are arranged in ascending order. I do not know why the red 7.5 lb bars are longer than the 10 and 12.5 lb bars - they must have a better agent. The true horror is that the heaviest bars are the 20 lb pink ones. Yes - pink. Sorry to be such a stereotypical male, but I will use two of the others before I will use the pink bar.

Note the nice colorful grips they placed on the bars. Weirdly, these are almost never where you actually want to grip the bar. Sadly, they are not nearly as comfortable as they look either, should they accidentally be in the right place - they have rough edges that dig into your hands a bit. Our old bars were all black and had a very comfortable foam their entire length. They were perfect. And not pink.

The dumbbells you can see to the right are also new and colorful. They are also as comfortable as they look. Also, none of them are pink.

Pushing Daisies Canceled
I've written before about this show. It was weird and funny and weird. Apparently it was too weird, and ABC, the network that saved another of my favorite shows, Scrubs, has canceled it.

Network TV just keeps getting worse and worse. I've been watching old episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD lately. I don't understand how that show lasted so long - it was weird and funny and weird too.

Caltrain Having a Bad Week
Yesterday, minutes after I got off the train in Mountain View, the computer that controls the signal crossing arms all along the peninsula failed. (A computer controls these? That's a bit of a surprise since I figured the trains controlled them, seeing as how they know where they are and when they are heading across a street and such.) So all trains stopped for about an hour. Last night there was a message on their overhead signs apologizing for the delays (a first!).

This morning a train has hit a moron and they are once again stopped. The good part of this is that, since I don't have a train to catch, I have time to write this post! Lemons to lemonade! Just not pink lemonade (sorry Darci).

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

What's with The Boy's knee? Why are they operating on the other one? And why do people keep throwing themselves in front of your train? And how can you still have tomatoes?

notthatlucas said...

DAK - The knee thing is a bit odd. I don't have a good theory for that.

The people throwing themselves in front of trains thing is odd too. I still think they put their heads on a pike at the site as a warning to others. (I fear that too many would see this as a perk though.)

We picked a bowlful of green tomatoes a couple of weeks ago so that we could remove the plants and put in the snow peas. Those tomatoes have been slowly ripening on our window sill and we have been enjoying them ever since. That was just two of the six plants, so we will likely be having tomatoes - not exactly vine-ripe, but still home grown - for at least a month. It's good to live in the burbs. Sometimes.

mary ann said...

I love the colorful bar bells and weights!