Saturday, December 5, 2009

Helpful tip: the Stanford Dish is not a restaurant

Today's San Jose Stay Fit group walk was up to the Stanford Dish. Again, the weather was fantastic (if nippy) and the hills were hilly (this walk was rated a B). It's funny how a 10.5 mile walk now sounds short, even to Mrs Notthat.

We met in the parking lot of Stanford's football stadium. Coach Luap (not his real name) started by showing us how to use a few of his favorite things. Yes, this includes the "F" word - the Foam Roller.

Mrs Notthat volunteered to be the demonstrator, although Luap was disappointed that the roller did not bring the promised intense pain.

After showing us a few more torture items, we were off on the walk. The trail is paved and filled with relatively gentle hills. The Dish Trail is pretty good - there are lots of good views and bikes aren't allowed on it.

All I'm going to say about this picture is that the biggest problem with the trail is that it has no formal bathroom facilities.

This is one of the dishes the trail is named after. Mrs Notthat is trying to topple it onto that poor old tree. She's nothing but trouble.

This is the sign you see as you leave the park. Here's the thing; we are on the grounds of a California campus whose mascot is an obnoxious Tree and whose band has been banned from a number of events due to their unconventional presentation of musical numbers - do you have any idea how strange a coyote would have to act before it would even be noticed? I'm talking walking on its hind legs in a tutu and barking "Who Let the Dogs Out" while texting rude things to the Cal Bear. (OK, if it was not using an iPhone it might stand out a bit.)

In any case, it was a fun walk at a place that was not all that far from Redwood City - it was nice not having to drive 30 minutes as we normally do.

We've got a dubious forecast for this week which is making next weekend's walk look potentially damp. This may make things interesting. At least we won't be seeing the foam roller again.


That's it - move along...


Mrs. Notthat said...

You keep saying the walk was 10.5 and it wasn't. It was a full 11 miles. They said so when we got back to the parking lot. I'm so glad it has been sunny - sure makes it all ok! By the way my word verification was wintr and it is definitely wintr time to me.

DAK said...

Very happy to hear Mrs. That insisting the walk was a full 11 miles, no wussy 10.5. But for the life of me I can't see how that comfy piece of blue foam can morph into a torture device.

I did my Saturday bike ride this morning and thought I was going to expire half way up the hill. This getting old business doesn't bode well.

mary ann said...

Good job, you two! Glad I know what the Dish business is referring to and the photos are great. Hahahaha about no formal bathrooms on a full 11 mile hike.

1stCousin said...

I was with ya'll in spirit just as soon as I woke up around 10:30am. I didn't get to see any foam rollers but would you believe Houston got real snow. It's cold ya'll. I be resting up for next Saturday for some more fun with my buddies. I really do miss everyone. TRUC, also known as 1stCousin and several other things.