Saturday, November 28, 2009

Riley issue, Darci oddness, Jeep lights

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was not a happy day. Riley started having bad breathing issues in the morning. Weird Haired Mom took him to the Redwood City Kaiser emergency room where they worked on him for a bit and then decided to send him to their Santa Clara facility where they have a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

Maybe WHM knows how many ambulance trips this makes for him (maybe only two? why does it seem like more?), but it's way more than any three-year-old should have had. I believe this is the twelfth time he has been admitted to the hospital.

In any case, this was easily the worst episode, and his first since July.

This is him arriving at the Santa Clara Kaiser. Normally, when he is in the hospital he is weirdly perky. Not this time.

However, he was doing a lot better the next day, on Thursday.

Him and I are playing telescope here. He was in pretty good spirits, but was still not nearly 100%. By Friday, he was in really good shape, and there was a chance that he was going to get released, but a stodgy old doctor decided it would be best to keep him for one more night. To help make up for this, Riley was visited by the staff horse.

Man that's a big dog.

So here's the thing about the Friday after Thanksgiving - if you work in retail, you will not get that day off. And Needs Cool Name (the dad) works in retail. So we had Darci stay the night Friday night. (Due to flu scares, kids are not allowed to visit anyone in the hospital, which meant that Darci never did get to see Riley there.)

In the above horrifying picture, Mrs Notthat is putting a bandaid on Darci's finger. To make this scarier, she allowed Darci to stand on the vanity. Was this was an attempt to get Darci to join her brother in the hospital?

After that scary episode, I let her cut my hair using one of those suck-n-cuts made by Flowbee. (This thing is an idea that sounds weird, and in practice, is a bit weird, but it seemed to work, after a fashion.)

Afterwards, Darci put together this brilliant, ummm, thing that she called a ship.

Not to be outdone, The Boy spent some time adding some bling to his Jeep.

He added a couple of halogen lamps to his rear bumper. These are lights that I had on my Landcruiser probably 35 years ago - he painted the outside shells and they look pretty good (although, for now, they are the only clean thing on the outside of the Jeep). He also installed my old CB radio. He wants to get one of those 102" whip antennas, but for now, he has to settle for our old gutter clip antenna. (CB radios seem to have lost a bit of caché now days. Maybe we need to get some new country songs extolling its virtues. And yes, it has some virtues. Probably)

And that's about it. Riley was released Saturday morning and a grateful WHM finally got to go home and take a shower.

Hopefully things will calm down now and we can settle in to a month of boredom. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

That's it - move along...


WHM said...

that dog was a horse, biggest darn dog I've ever seen in person. Riley was pretty awed by her.

It really was the worst he's ever been :( thank you guys for your help with Darci! and thankfully now you would never guess that he'd been in the ICU a day ago.

mary ann said...

Wow, this is scary stuff. Thanks for the update. Darci gets prettier every photo!

DAK said...

What a terrible piece of bad luck for Riley and for your holiday. They always say kids grow out of these things, I'm ready for that to happen, y'know?