Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walking pies pain and food

This is going to cover a wide variety of weekend events.

The weekend started with Mrs Notthat and I going to our first San Jose Stay Fit winter program session. We were not sure how long of a walk we would have since this was really just an orientation, but it turned out we went seven hill-infested miles. As you can see in the above picture, Mrs Notthat had no trouble keeping up with the rest of us. From left to right, that's Luap (not his real name) the coach, Eve (pretend it's not her real name), and Mrs Notthat.

For those of you with real good eyesight, right in the middle of this picture is a massive grey bird with long legs. His beak is turned nearly to me, most likely preparing to attack. We also saw a deer along the hike.

It was pretty cool and a bit drizzly, but all in all it was a pretty good walk.

When we got home, The Boy took his bandage off for the first time so that he could finally take a shower. Even the dog thought this was a good idea.

Unfortunately, The Boy is still having some pain, and to make it worse, he now has a very sore throat and a mild fever. This was not a great weekend for him.

But it was a fantastic weekend for those who like a wide variety of soups! Mrs Notthat and Adnohr (not her real name) threw a "Soup and Games" party Saturday afternoon. There was a huge variety of soups - I tried six different ones and just couldn't go any farther, even though there were still several I was dying to try.

Well, that and the dessert table.

Most embarrassing moment of the night was catching Uol not being clear on the concept of sharing the pie.

So Saturday was a full day. Today we are trying to help The Boy get better, and I have a reunion of sorts with the other walkers from the summer program (I made my famous pumpkin chili!).

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I like my boy uoL.

mary ann said...

The soup party is a great idea!