Saturday, December 26, 2009

Auberry trip day three

My cold was at its worst yesterday (Friday), so I didn't get out much. We still ended up with a few pictures.

Nitsuj (not his real name, husband of Yram, dad of Nermac, tolerator of Murphy the dog) showed up Thursday night. His main goal for the weekend is to get his 56 Ford pickup ready to drive back to the Bay Area. This involves a variety of odds and ends plus some bonus work due to mice gnawing on wires.

This is destined to become a table base. Evad, Nitsuj's dad, turns things like this, that most people think of as firewood, into really nice things. The bonus is that he doesn't have to deal with mice gnawing on its wires.

One interesting thing that I forgot to mention earlier, the shop does not have proper garage doors yet. To keep the wide variety of area wildlife from taking advantage of the shop during the cold nights, Evad keeps a radio playing a local rock station. And it apparently works.

The Boy hanging with the dogs. The big red one is Makita the Akita, competing with Murphy for something (dead gopher?), with Mika (the emergency backup dog whose name I couldn't remember previously) hanging on The Boy's back. (Note: I have little worry about dogs suing me for slander, so I feel safe using their real names. Actually, I should be a bit worried about Makita.)

Here are The Boy and Mrs Notthat enjoying the peace and quiet (and view) at Yram's Let Things Be rock.

And here is Yram and Murphy also at the rock.

Most of this was going on while I was laying in bed, wishing for a new body. The other thing that happened while I was dying was that Mrs Notthat cooked up a plan to drive back up here the next day with the grandkids.

The grandkids were really bummed last Wednesday when they heard we were going up to play in the snow and they weren't going along. So now they will get their chance. The Boy will stay here and go to work, I will stay home and try to recover (which may involve some sports on TV), and Mrs Notthat will spend the next three days trying to keep the grandkids from over-tormenting the dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and others that will be around there. Bears and mountain lions will give the place a wide berth.

In any case, Mrs Notthat and The Boy took turns driving home, with Mrs trying to remember all the various turns and such for when she drives back - leaving a trail of breadcrumbs might have been a good idea. (Why is it that the best places require you to be a professional tracker to find them? Well, actually, that's probably a large part of what makes them great.)

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

So you had to go off and get sick! And now you have to go home while Darci and Riley get to listen to that rock station playing all night long in the garage. Man -- I can't sleep if there's the slightest bit of music anywhere -- my mind is awake playing along.

notthatlucas said...

DAK - I can't believe you read all of these in a row! You can't possibly be that bored.

And with regards the music, we couldn't hear it in the apartment, although that might have been due to all the bear, raccoons, and mountain lions clawing at our door, begging for a country station.

mary ann said...

What a thoughtful wife and boy you get rid of your complaining self and go back to play. Hope you feel better v. soon!