Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Boy gets certified and the grandkids should be

After sloshing through the mud on Saturday morning, Weird Haired Mom and the grandkids came over for fun and dinner. I made a wonderful chicken cacciatore, but only Mrs Notthat and I ate it (WHM is a vegetarian again, The Boy wasn't hungry, and the grandkids ate what they normally eat - chicken nuggets and pasta with red sauce).

But first, The Boy got a scary looking envelope from Skyline College. This is a bit of an odd time since he is just finishing the current semester, so he was a bit nervous when he opened it. It turned out to be a certificate for the spring semester's class that ended way back in May. Apparently it takes seven months to print these things out (I'm thinking they need a faster printer). In any case, this certifies that he can reliably look at a defective engine and flip the hidden switch to make it all better.

Riley dressed up as a French Spiderman (not sure how the Scooby Doo socks fit in exactly) with a beret and a "What do you mean you are out of baguettes?" sort of attitude.

Darci did her princess thing and is pointing to the baguettes.

Even Mrs Notthat got into the act a bit, wearing the green feathered crown and pink lei of a queen. Idiot Dog Teddy is confused about whether there really are baguettes or not.

And on the medical front, Darci is about to lose her first tooth! She is pretty excited about this (others at her school have already lost teeth) and wanted me to tie it to a door knob and yank it out.

And that's about it. It was a very full Saturday that led to a nicely calm Sunday. Except for IDT who is still looking for the baguettes.

That's it - move along...


Daaauuunnn said...

What a great day in Lucasland!

DAK said...

All right, what's up with WHM? She has NO W.H! Blonde? That's weird? You've either got to work on your nomenclature or WHM needs to go purple again.

notthatlucas said...

Daaauuunnn - you are right. Exhausting, but a great day none-the-less.

DAK - Don't give her any ideas. I'm sure the W in WHM will be justifiably earned soon.

mary ann said...

A very fine post ~ I love that princess dress!