Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh deer and a treehouse, sort of

Mrs Notthat had an appointment that meant we could not go for the normal walk with the SJ Fit group, so the two of us headed up to Wunderlich Park just outside of Woodside to get in a few miles.

First, the obligatory porta-pottie picture. Also note how Mrs Notthat looks like she could survive a blizzard.

Note that Mrs Notthat now looks much more like this is a northern California December morning. Also note that it is not raining. There was still some mud to watch out for, but much more of a concern were the presents the horses that also use these trails leave behind.

And lastly, note the walking poles she is using. Weirdly, she still tried skipping with these.

We were stopped about halfway up one of the trails by a group of rangers clearing this fallen tree. So we had to turn around and double back to a different trail...

...which ended up working out pretty well since we saw three deer up close. This young buck wanted to share my peanut butter pretzels, but I'm not that nice.

And that was as exciting as the walk got. Once we got home and showered and ate lunch, I went to work on the treehouse sort of thing that I had promised the grandkids I would make from the old garage door.

It doesn't look like much here, but the hard part is now done (which is the part where I needed to get off my dead butt and get started).

I wonder how good Darci is with a circular saw? (Probably no worse than Riley will be with that axe if I don't remember to put it away before they show up tomorrow!)

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Oh, uh, Darci with a circular saw and Riley with an axe, no, uh uh, bad idea(s).

mary ann said...

How does Mrs. That like those walking sticks? I understand that they are v. popular in Europe.

Mrs. Notthat said...

I think they are great unless you are trying to do anything else with your hands like snack or change something on the ipod. Very helpful though.