Friday, May 7, 2010

Taking risks

When I am driving in to work, I have two options: a fairly direct route involving freeways and an indirect route involving a maze of back streets, stop lights, and grade school moms dropping off their kids.

On almost every rush hour morning, the indirect route is easily the best choice since only a moron would get on the freeway that tries its best to pretend it's a parking lot. An exception is on Friday mornings - lots of people either take Fridays off or "work" at home, which means traffic is often much lighter on the freeways, making them actually feasible.

I decided to drive in this morning and take advantage of light(ish) freeway traffic.

However, the car needed gas. Badly. There is a very convenient filling station along the indirect route but none along the freeway route. So this morning's choice was whether to do the right thing and take the longer, pain in the butt, indirect route and get gas or to risk it and take the freeway, enjoying the light traffic but sweating whether I would make it in.

I chose to take the risk.

And wouldn't you know it, it worked out...fine.

I made it in without having to make an embarrassing call to AAA from the middle of a freeway.

Hmmmmm. Now I wonder if I can make it back home this afternoon. There's two routes I can take...

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Been there, been there. But usually the arrow is hovering right above E and the little bell chiming before I remember I was supposed to buy gas, right before I saw that sign that said NO SERVICES NEXT GAS 192 MILES.

mary ann said...

Did you make it home?

notthatlucas said...

DAK: And backtracking 2 miles to the one you just passed is out of the question - it's a guy thing.

MAS: I lost my nerve and filled up before heading home. (Mostly because I needed to clean my windshield.)

Mrs. Notthat said...

At least you knew how to open your gas cap!