Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random grandkid pictures

I downloaded the pictures from the camera tonight and found some, ummm, interesting things.

First, there was this picture of Riley playing tag with Teddy. Teddy is getting old and sounds like an old man (sort of like me, but a bit less whiny) when having to get up, and he has some trouble coming in through the dog door. (He now keeps poking at the flap with his nose, causing it to make a lot of noise, in an effort to get someone to open the door for him. If no one shows up after a few minutes, he heaves a heavy sigh, rolls his eyes, and comes on through the dog door on his own. That dog can lay a nasty guilt trip on you.)

In any case, it's remarkable to see him bounce around like a puppy when playing with the kids like this.

I set up the croquet set in the backyard, so naturally the grandkids spent an hour lining up the mallets on the deck, pretending they were a fence.

This is the first (usable) picture that I know of that Riley has taken with our camera. There were about a half dozen he took before this that, at best, included maybe an arm or a shoe. I'm sure this one was a complete accident. Darci is obviously very enthusiastic about this process.

And then there was this dress up picture, with their friend Camren strenuously averting her eyes.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Great photos ~ I especially love the dress-up trio.

DAK said...

That croquet fence is hysterical. No matter what we want them to do with something we give them, they always have a better idea.