Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grandma in stitches and working up a sweat

This post covers two wildly unrelated things from this week.

For whatever reason, the grandkids are fascinated by any kind of injury we get. If we happen to have a bandaid on, they must know why (and it had better be a good reason), and you better be prepared to talk them out of getting one too.

Last week Mrs Notthat had a small basal cell carcinoma thing removed and was left with some stitches that she has to protect with bandaids. The grandkids were dying to check it out.

At work, to celebrate the national Bike to Work Day, they held an iWalk event with a 3K (a little less than two miles) walk and a 5K (a little over 3 miles) run. For the first time, I chose to do the 5K run.

About a mile into it, this was the view ahead of me. I am very used to seeing many runners ahead of me.

What was odd was the view behind me - I wasn't even vaguely last. This is a very unusual position for me to be in. The guy in red in this picture saw me take these pictures and offered to take one of me.

This bit of vanity cost me a number of positions in the race, but nothing like the number of positions I lost later when I started mixing in some walking with my running. In the end, I finished far from last with a very respectable (for me) time of 31:07. And a LOT of sweat - it got pretty warm out there.

And, unfortunately for the grandkids, I didn't end up with any injuries requiring bandaids.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I have had a basal cell c'noma removed too and there's not much for the grandkids to play with. I must say I like the black under-shorty-things that you appear to be wearing under your running shorts -- you are channeling a little Ron Artest there. Are you really mad at anyone yet?

mary ann said...

Congrats ~ you did great! Love the 3 blond(e) heads there on top of post.

notthatlucas said...

DAK: the black under shorty things keep my thunder thighs from rubbing together and chaffing. Artest must wear them for another reason, and maybe they are too tight and that's why he's so grumpy.

MAS: You are right - that's so cool to see them all with the same hair like that.

Mrs. Notthat said...

But DAK it is my 3rd one!