Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monster carrots and swinging high

Sunday was a grandkid-filled day, and the nice weather meant we got to spend most of it outside.

We planted some carrot seeds, courtesy of Htebazile (not her real name) from work, in the plumeria planters last fall or so. Their tops were taller than Darci and going to seed, so we thought it might be time to pull them up. Darci yanked out the tallest one first.

Then Riley went to work on one.

In the end we pulled up half a dozen carrots. Darci decided we should make a vegi soup with them. And then her and Riley promptly each ate one. We then planted more seeds in the planters.

I've taken pictures before of the kids on the swing, but this time I gave Darci the camera, and she got some great pictures. (I have to stop the swing or the kids end up running into the roof gutter. They love this thing.)

This is a great picture, and it gives a pretty good idea how high they get going.

And then she took this picture. (And about 50 others almost this riveting.) It is really well lit and composed though.

Me expressing my concern over her artistic choices.

Once I wrestled the camera from her, the two of them decided to try sitting on as many chairs as possible. (Darci told me she was the queen of the princesses - what does that even mean?)

Then Darci pretended to be a carrot and The Boy pretended to be an angry farmer trying to pull her out. Or something like that.

Mrs Notthat trying to rescue the strawberry plants that were way too ignored over the winter. I will be stunned if they come back, but she has a way of pulling plants from the brink.

Finally we got the vegetable soup cooking. It turned out great, although some of the carrots had very wooden centers (seriously, it was like they had little bones). We've really got to pull up the carrots when they are much younger.

And that's about it. A full day in the backyard and I'm wore out. But smiling.

That's it - move along...


WHM said...

that's so neat going from a seed to soup great learning experience for the kids thanks

Mrs. Notthat said...

You are such a super duper Grandpa!!!

mary ann said...

What fun you had! I love the photos.