Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wood floor in the living room

When we bought our house, we were told that most likely there are reasonably nice wood floors under all the carpeting. Ever since then, we have had a desire to at least remove the carpet in the living room. A little over twelve years later, we finally did it.

Here is the living room with the furniture removed and Teddy enjoying one last nap on the carpet. Mrs Notthat wisely saved a chunk of the less-worn carpet to make a pad for Teddy to lay on.

Here is that same view with the carpet removed. The floor was in pretty good condition under the carpet. The biggest issue was a hole near a wall where there used to be a heat register. This was expertly patched and you can't even tell for sure where it was now.

The floor (including the dining room, which has the same wood flooring) being sanded.

And this is the floor after being sanded and stained. All of this happened in one day. Each of the next three days will see a coat of varnish (or whatever the stuff is they use) applied, and then the floors are done.

But we aren't. Once we removed the furniture it became obvious that we really need to paint the walls. It's bad form to paint the walls after you have finished the floors, but that's just the way its working out this time. We also need to deal with the baseboard moulding (as you can see in the above picture, there is a gap between its bottom and the floor).

So this will be a busy, home improvement-based weekend with a bonus 10 mile hike thrown in.

I'm already tired.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Done this many many times. It's always a great home improvement, especially if (as it appears you are doing here) you hire people to do it -- the sanding looks hard but is easy but the staining looks easy but is hard to get right. Now you've got to paint the rest of the house.

notthatlucas said...

DAK: No way would I try to tackle this (especially after reading about one of your adventures). We really had no idea what to expect under there - maybe lots of burn marks from the fireplace or gouges from a lightsaber fight.

I'm thinking we will do the painting, but may end up running from that as well. (But I am cheap, so maybe not.)

JosephWalker said...

I noticed all your important points. Thanks!

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