Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Floors and walls done

A week ago Monday, the floor guy started removing the carpet and refinishing the floors in the dining and living rooms. Yesterday another guy painted the walls and installed the baseboard. The project is mostly done now, although we still need to spend a lot of time putting everything back together. The problem is that Mrs Notthat needs to figure out how she wants it put it back together - what pictures to put up and where, how to arrange the furniture, and where to put the mini-fridge stocked with beer.

This is the dining room after the floors were done but before the walls were painted and the baseboard put in.

And this is it now. The walls were previously a light blue with a cheesy stained wood baseboard. The new beige-like color and baseboards look much nicer.

I took the lazy way out and did very little of the work myself, which is the only way this project could get done in a week. Or this year.

Frighteningly, we've already got our eyes on the next project - turning an odd, bonus closet in our bedroom into a bathroom. Again though, I will mostly be on the sidelines (plumbing is really not my thing, although I've got the butt-crack down pat).

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Yeah, I do the butt-crack thing very well myself, apologies to my neighbors. But they can turn their heads. Your floors look great. It's always a shame you have to put furniture back into the room.

mary ann said...