Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing like a blank canvas

First, this was the week our backyard tree finally got trimmed. About a month ago our neighbor mentioned that several large branches had fallen from the tree into his backyard. I'm a little skeptical about these being "large" - the guy has a pathological approach to tree trimming that involves removing anything that looks vaguely like a tree branch (my theory is that he suffered from tree-based nightmares as a child, or else he has a unhealthy attachment to Paul Bunyan).

In any case, we made arrangements to have the tree trimmed (it really did need some attention). However, it turns out that Redwood City has an ordinance that requires a permit to touch a tree that is larger than shrub, so we had to fill out forms and have some guy drive out and say "Yep, it should be trimmed" before any work could begin.

This is what the tree looked like in the morning. (Note the palm branch hanging from the left side. That thing has been there for a long time, surviving several strong storms.)

The tree guys getting busy. They promised not to hurt the tree house, and were good to their word.

What the tree looks like now. It is just now getting its new summer leaves (weirdly, it drops its leaves in the spring, not the fall like normal trees) and will fill out nicely in a month or so.

And now for a living/dining room update. Mrs Notthat loves working with a blank canvas. Me, I would shove all the furniture and pictures back to where they were and go on happily. But she likes to try new things, and this home improvement project gives her the opportunity to do a major makeover.

One task is to remove the buttons from the bottoms of the existing furniture, followed by gluing pads or strips of carpeting to them - all in the name of protecting the new floors. Bravely, Mrs Notthat allowed Riley to use the hammer during this process.

This is how the living room looks now. We have a few pictures up, but not many yet. Plus some of what you see is going away to be replaced with other things. Including the dining room set. This project may never end, but I have to admit it's looking better.

That's it - move along...

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mary ann said...

It looks lovely and so does your newly trimmed tree. We have a friend who is an arborist and tells us lots of trees-and-their-owner stories.