Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some furniture, some plants

Before I get too into this post, there is this picture to share:

This is the first scuff on the newly refinished floors. We called CSI Redwood City and they were able to determine that this was caused by someone wearing white high heel shoes. After extensive interviews with those of us that live here, it was determined that it was the dog's fault.

We took his shoes away from him.

Mrs Notthat was determined to replace our dining room table, which was solid and large but not attractive ("kid-friendly" was a good way to describe it), with a new table that we wouldn't feel compelled to cover up. After a couple of weeks of looking on Craigslist, she found this, and it was perfect. Well, almost perfect. It also came with this:

This cabinet is wonderful, but it was WAY too big for our dining room. But we managed to find a wall that seems to work, so maybe it will end up being kept after all.

I spent some time in the garden, trying to remove a winter's worth of weeds. Look at this - is it a weed?

These blooms are on this seven foot tall plant growing in the garden's corner. Its size scares me a bit.

It's the tall thing on the right. I pulled up all the other weeds, but for now have left it alone. Maybe I'll try to convince The Boy to go after it.

Now, this for sure isn't a weed. Spring is bursting out all over!

That's it - move along...

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